Image making is a language that we can all speak, no matter who we are, and it creates emotions that are different for each of us. I draw for all ages, and all walks of life. Lines and shapes, slowly connected from abstract ideas, crafted into a coherent image. Thoughts visualized. I draw uniquely detailed, humorously strange, and wondrously exciting images  that feel oddly familiar or like a distant memory. Designing from a place that is deeply personal creates a relation to my images that anyone can feel and enjoy. Bringing these memories to life in a strange new way is what motivates me most, and keeps me picking up my sketchbook over and over.

 I normally start a project with a few days of thoughts wandering around in my head. Correlating subjects and ideas that I enjoyed as a kid, or movies and music that help fuel inspiration. After I have reached a fairly coherent idea, I translate that thought into my sketchbook, creating multiple versions of the image, and roughing out some character concepts. Once I find the image that I feel the most connected to I transfer the sketch to be finished digitally.

 My inspiration comes from the things we most enjoyed as kids, but mostly the feeling of wonder and awe. How immense and mysterious the world seemed. What could be just around each corner? Or just out of view? The strange happenings we know are going on, but have not yet caught sight of. Tiny cowboys, giant mummys, colorful aliens, crocodiles driving cadillacs. I want these feelings to be brought to mind with my work. I want to visualize the thoughts we all had as kids. I am an illustrator, and I enjoy nothing more.